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Saturday, November 18, 2006


I walked home last night after having too many drinks. The shoes I was wearing wouldn't stay on my feet - literally, I'd kick one off with every few steps and then have to chase after it. Not being warm outside, I'd have to run towards it with my bare foot meeting the sidewalk, so my gait would become even more awkward (having only one shoe on the other foot that also wanted to be kicked off) as I tried to minimize the time my foot actually touched the cement. This occured probably every 30 - 50 steps, or every couple of minutes (how many steps does one walk in a minute?). In other words, this didn't happen two or three times, but several dozen.

Walk walk walk...shoe off (10 feet ahead)...hopwalkrun...shoe on...walk walk walk....

Living in a rather hustle bustle neighborhood, these antics were seen by many. However, I'm guessing that each person who saw me, was embarssed for me while thinking that they had been witness to a freak isolated incident (oh poor girl, drunk and lost her shoe while walking). If only they knew I was audibly giggling at myself at how ridiculous the 15 minute walk had become...that they were one of a gaggle of witnesses (yes, like geese), that I was no longer embarassed myself because my dignity had left with the last beer....

Hi, I'm Claire.


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